Rome Essay

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  • Published : February 16, 2007
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The Roman Empire was the most advanced civilization in architecture and the fine arts. For instance, the Colosseum was the largest arena for gladiatorial games, and was one of the largest arenas with a stage in the center. Each and every person had a perfect view of the battles between gladiators and animals. The gladiatorial games were the highlight of the average roman's day. Theese bloody battles were sometimes tests of the convenience of new and unusual weapons. If the gladiator performed well and the emperor approved, the gladiator would live. If not, he would be sentenced to death. This all has to happen with water of course, they couldn't survive with out the 1 cubic meter of water per household that they live off of. This gargantuan amount of water is transported via aqueduct. An aqueduct is a metal and concrete tube about six feet in diameter that is supported on arches or built through mountains. Arches are the most advanced structure for supporting anything. The fact that they utilized this structure is highly advanced. These tubes are easily repairable because of the access passages leading to the tubes for maintenance on the tubes or for cleaning. The aqueducts are also founded on the principle that if a tube at a given point needs to get to a place lower than the original point, it does not matter what the tube does, the water will keep flowing. There are above-ground wells that store the water and send it to the entire roman city through the sewage system. This water also helps contribute to the first "flushing" toilets and the roman baths. Another exquisite form of support is the column, which is also used in the church. The column can have three types of artwork on it which grant them the names: Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. The Doric style of column is just a flat topped column, plain and simple. The Ionic style of column is an upside down scroll on a Doric style column. The Corinthian style is the most elaborate, it is a...
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