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Topics: Roman Empire, Decline of the Roman Empire, Ancient Rome Pages: 2 (776 words) Published: December 5, 2012
In the beginning, the Roman Empire may have been one of the most prosperous civilizations in history but, later on, the Roman Empire declined through internal and external decay. The primary cause of the crumbling of the Roman empire can be blamed on the economic crisis in addition to the decline of military force.

Documents one and two categorize the reason for the death of the once known prosperous Roman Empire as an internal cause. This cause was by the people’s thoughts and spirit along with the economy. One basic reason for the decay was simply that there was no spirit in the people for saving their own civilization. To support my point, it says in Document one, “very few inhabitants of the empire believed that the old civilization was worth saving.” The spirit of the people diminished and the willpower to work hard to help the civilization prosper wasn’t present. It says in the first Document, the general population was excluded from participating in their government, the army was all scrambled and in total they were going downhill. In Document two it mentions how the reason for the decline of the Roman Empire can be blamed on the introduction of Christianity. This affected the people’s hearts and spirits. The people were taught to be patient, loving, and everything it taught was going against the virtues of that time in Rome. These clashing views on society helped the downfall of the Roman Empire. It says in Document two, “the clergy successfully preached... patience; the active virtues of society were discouraged,” What added to the horror is that the few pieces remaining of army spirit that Rome had in its possession killed. A part of Document two’s message is that without a powerful military (which it had at one time), Rome could not survive. More explanation for the fall of Rome is the government in conjunction with the economy. These reasons are explicitly illustrated in Documents three, four and five. In Document three it goes into detail how...
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