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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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NUB English Course Plan 113 Spring Semester 2012/2013 Dr. Refaat Bushra Summit 1 Upper- Intermediate & 113 Writing Component Learning Objectives Evidence /Assessment Course Materials Course Materials By the end of this class, students should be able to:

Assess students ability to -------- (ILOs)

Introduction Class Introduction Class
Summit 1:"Unit: 5 Community 3)Discuss social responsibility. 4)Identify Urban Problems>> Refining Thesis statement. (10 Note Cards needed) Summit 1:"Unit: 6 Animals 1) Treatment of animals. 2) The benefits of certain Pets>> Developing research questions. & Organize your Note Cards Making an outline using concrete support (Quote, paraphrase or summarize) Cause and Effect Essay Summit 1:"Unit: 6 Animals 3) Animal character. 4) The Value of animal conservation>> II. Body: (Discussion) Argumentative Essay Summit 1:"Unit: 7 Advertising and Consumers: 1)Giving shopping service. 2) Reactions to ads .>> Citation (In text citation & Full citation ) - APA style III. Conclusion - Type Final Paper Abstract - Presentation Skills Summit 1:"Unit: 8 Family Trends 3)Compare generations. 4) Care for the elderly.>> IV. References - Presentation Skills V. Appendices.+ Presentation Skills Summit 1:"Unit:9 History's Mysteries 3)Believable story. 4) Trustworthiness of news sources>> References and citation + Research format Summit 1:"Unit:10 Your Free Time 1) Leisure activities. 2) Hobbies and other interests>> Summit 1:"Unit:10 Your Free Time 3) The use of leisure time. 4) The risk-taking personality..>> Presentation Skills Summit 1 Exam /20 Marks Formal Research Presentation. Formal Research Presentation. Formal Research Presentation. Formal Research Presentation. Research Discussion /20 Marks (Quiz A)

Introduction Class Introduction Class
Discuss social responsibility and identify urban Problems Discuss how to refine...
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