Romanticism Paper

Topics: Romanticism, Edgar Allan Poe, Eugène Delacroix Pages: 3 (854 words) Published: November 28, 2011
Romanticism Paper
When most people hear the word romanticism, the first thing that comes to mind is love and romance. The thought triggered is partially on the right track however the word “romanticism” actually stems from an actual era and movement that started in 1798 and ended in 1832. This era changed the way in which different artists and literatus expressed themselves and the way they viewed the world around them. Romanticism is evident in many forms like paintings, music, dance, literature, and poetry. In this paper I will be describing to you the idealism of romanticism in these specific forms; literature, dance, and paintings. In this paper I will show you that romanticism is something that was set before our time and yet still very profound in this time.

Romanticism concerning literature could be easily misled. The word itself could easily be correlated to novelist such as Danielle Steele and Margaret Mitchell, however, most people don’t know that even authors like Edgar Allan Poe falls under the class of romanticism in literature. Some of the key elements in romantic literature were that they “Mainly cared about the individual, intuition, and imagination.” ("Characteristics Of Romantic Literature,” n.d.) In Poe’s short story “Ligea” he encompasses all of these ideals in this short piece of work. In the story he compares the lives of both of his wives that passed away. The first one he describes beautiful beyond the unknown, and his second wife as just a typical mold. This was his way of showing how things should not be made to societies speculations, but built molded to the individual’s intuition and desires. The narrator is also described as a drug addict that does not know certain key facts like; date, time, and location. Through this he was also able to get the reader to become lost in time, which in return triggers the imagination of the readers to come up with their own ideas on the story. Pieces of work like “Ligea” is good...
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