Romanticism and Realism

Topics: Pablo Picasso, History of painting, Modern art Pages: 3 (477 words) Published: November 26, 2011
Romanticism and Realism

[pic] Francisco De Goya. “The Third of May 1808” Oil on Canvas

- Imagination and emotion are more valuable than reason. The romantics championed the struggle for human liberty. They celebrated nature, rural life, common people, exotic subjects in art and literature. - Era: Industrial and French Revolutions

- Technique: Dramatic scenes of nature or man and ideal landscapes. - Artists: Goya, Delacroix, Constable, Duncauson

[pic] Gustave Courbet. “The Stone Breakers” Oil on Canvas

• Art should deal with human experience through observation, without exocticism, nostalgia or idealism. It offered the painter and the viewer humanity and insight into everyday world. • Era: Industrial and French Rev

• Technique: Almost photographic and always portraying the dignity of ordinary people. • Artists: Courbet, Bonheur, Eakins, Tanner, Daumier

Impressionism and Expressionism


Claud Monet. “Impression: Sunrise” Oil on Canvas

• Concern themselves with visual issues. They paint what the eye sees rather than what the mind knows. The effects of light on a subject is emphasized. • Era: Development of camera
• Tech: Small dabs of color that appears as separate strokes of paint when seen close up. Yet with distance, one sees uniform subjects. • Artists: Money, Renoir, Cassatt, Morisst

[pic] Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. “Street, Berlin” Oil on Canvas

• General term for art that emphasizes inner feelings and emotions over subject depiction such as: sorrow, passion, spiritual and mysticism. • Era: 1910-34 World War I
• Tech: Emphasis on color intensity as a means to express a mood. • Artists: Kirchner, Kandinsky, Nolde, Kollowitz

Surrealism and Cubism

[pic]Joan Miro. “Woman Haunted by the Passage of the Dragonfly, Bird of...
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