Romantic Love Is Not a Basis for Happy Marriage

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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Romantic love is a poor basis for marriage
The concept of love for most people is considered an emotion, a mental state that arises spontaneously rather than through conscience effort, to others love can be considered a choice, a conscience effort. For me personally, I believe love is an emotion that individuals choose to act on or ignore. I would understand that people would argue it is not really love if you are choosing to “be with” someone. The topic itself would imply there are different types of love, I believe it takes effort to categorise people in different categories of love.  What is marriage? Is marriage just a union between two individuals who love each other? Like love, marriage means something different to each individual. The type of love tends to lay the groundwork for the type of marriage. People are getting married for reasons other than love now, in my opinion, the sexual attraction from the other sex. I wouldn’t recommend a marriage based on sex and endless romance but I would consider other things in my decision to marry, such as financial stability and economical reasons. Romance is an important trait to have with your love one, but there are other things that need to be establish on top of romance. Few divorces are ending due to lack of romantic love, I would argue romance is a skill that a partner can pick up and develop throughout the marriage just like dating, it takes time to do it properly in the right gesture and manner.  In my opinion Romantic love is a poor basis for a marriage. I argue that Romance is a skill that can be developed and enhanced over time. Marriage is a decision that needs to be made at more aspects than just the love you are feeling at that very moment. People should be looking at assuring areas that can lead to divorce. As a conclusion, if romantic love is not a good basis for marriage as it invites insecurity and long term uncertainty. However, I would like to ask anyone who would prefer a marriage based on...
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