Romantic Hero Essay

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  • Published : March 22, 2012
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Alex Weber
American Lit
Romantic Hero Essay

Most six year old boys want to be a superhero, at least I did. In the mind of that six year old, a super hero had to be strong, handsome, and heroic, without fear. Along with all these traits a hero must show honor, courage and does what’s right with out bias or opinion. Throughout The Last of the Mohicans, Natty Bumppo an adopted white; raised as an Indian comes in conflict with the British and French during the French and Indian war. Based on his beliefs he shows honor by helping the colonial militia escape the misleading and yet binding agreement with a British fort under siege. There are many heroes like Natty in American Literature like Benjamin Martin in the movie The Patriot.At the beginning of the movie the British army is attempting to recruit the local militia to their side against the French, but the militia would not join unless they promised their families would be protected while they were gone. Later on in the movie Natty Bumppo and the remaining Mohicans save the two daughters (Cora and Alice) of a colonel who is in charge of a fort and an officer (Duncan). Unbeknownst to Natty and the Mohicans the fort was under siege. The daughters, who had just been rescued, demanded they be taken to the fort where their fathers were. When they arrived at the fort under siege, but Natty sneaks them into the fort and they find the local militia, worried about their families. After Natty makes sure the girls were reunited with their fathers, he informs the militias that on his travel to the fort he encountered a settler's home burnt and the family slaughtered.

After hearing the devastating news the malitaiants wanted to leave the fort and go home to protect their families. The next day when the militia confronts the colonel he states that if they leave and break their contract they will all be hung for treason, in response Natty shares his unfortunate news with the colonel who repeats the same thing...
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