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Romance (Poet Analysis)

The poem I have chosen to analyze is “Romance” by Edgar Allan Poe. The reason I chose this poem is because Edgar Allan Poe is a well-known poet writer. He put his feelings on every word he wrote. Some people might think his a bit corny and cheesy but I think to differ. Even though his poem is sad and dark but his a widely recognized as being one of the most important writers in the history of the horror genre. I hope people can rethink that after reading one of his poems.

“Romance” is set out in two stanzas. The first stanza is made up of ten lines and second stanza in eleven lines. For me, this is a very hard poem for me but as I kept on reading and reading back again I started to understand what his trying to say. The first stanza speaks of an Edgar’s youth, he is trying to explain how true romance is hard to find. He is saying that the paroquet is his first real love and she taught him his alphabets which mean she taught him the first things in love but he took advantage and lied to her and lost his first love

“Taught me my alphabet to say”--
“To lisp my very earliest word”
“While in the wild wood I did lie

On the second stanza, his trying to say when you get older, true romance is hard to find because out people is stuck in a world of lies and gain some life experience real romance isn't all that romantic. Romance and love often lead to pain and loss. Then he said romance is now considered as a “Forbidden thing”.

“And when an hour with calmer wings”
“It’s down upon my spirit flings”
“That little time with lyre and rhyme”
“To while away forbidden things!”
“My heart would feel to be a crime”

Even though this is a very depressing and sad poem but I love how Edgar use his own imagination to describe what he seen and what he has been through. This is a very difficult poem and took me a lot of time to understand. In my opinion and interpretation, this poem has context dealing...
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