Roman Virtues

Topics: Virtue, Dignitas, Personal life Pages: 2 (635 words) Published: March 9, 2013
When relating the order of importance of the Roman virtues to my life, I found many of them equally important. I grouped them for the purpose of this essay. (I named them in order) My virtue list however, rates them from 1-15.

At the top of my list and rated as most important are “comitas” and “veritas”. Friendliness, courtesy and humor together with truthfulness are at the core of my beliefs. Without these virtues, life would be like a puzzle with missing pieces. Simple courtesies such as holding a door open for the person coming in behind you or returning a lost wallet to a stranger are things that make me proud of the community that I live in.

Second on my list comes “industria, firmitas and gravitas”. The combination of hard work, tenacity and responsibility are all things that build this great country. These are things that when I was a kid, I admired about adults. I knew that working hard was an honest way of living. Following through to the end is equally important. I am grateful that our forefathers followed these virtues in daily life.

Next on my list is “clementia, dignitas and humanitas”. It is evident everyday that our society feels mercy for others. An example is the devastation in the areas hit by hurricane Sandy. I think by helping the less fortunate, it gives us pride, not only personally but, within our communities. The evolution of the human spirit and the ability to be merciful on others is a testament to how civilized we have become.

Fourth on my list is “honestas, salubrias, severitas and frugalitas”. I grouped these together because I felt that it is respectable to display wholesomeness, self -control and also economy in daily life. I think that today’s society is actually losing ground in these areas. The Internet has put everything at our fingertips. People have filled their lives and homes with “stuff” that isn’t necessary. We buy Post-it notes. We put air-fresheners in our cars. We have 5 different sized cups in out cabinets....
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