Roman Greek History

Topics: Greek temple, Roman Empire, Gothic architecture Pages: 4 (1326 words) Published: June 11, 2011
1) Compare and contrast Roman and Greek temple architecture by using the Pantheon, Maison Carree and the Parthenon. Do these architectural programs serve different purposes? Throughout history, art has evolved and created many styles and forms. From a painting to the structure of an architectural building, artists have been influenced by another art work in one way or another. One highly influential example would be the connection between the Greek and Roman Worlds. The Greeks were a society that has inspired many works of the Romans. Both created wonderful works of monuments, buildings, and temples which are well remembered in history. The works of the Roman and the Greek temple architectures can be thoroughly discussed by observed their common areas, differences and identify purposes of some of their famous work. The Greeks were cultural people whose art style was both philosophic and aesthetic. Their art was critically thought out yet beautiful in nature. Greeks had instituted the fundamental innovation in their art style, which meant their work was something to look at yet something to refine in nature. They focused on the classical form of art balancing the needs and interest of a individual showing the natural look. This artistic style included monumental sculptures that were very significant and valuable to them. One of their temples was the Parthenon, a monument in which represents a physical embodiment of the ideals and realities of the Greek world. This temple represents its dedication to the virgin goddess Athena Parthenos. The architect of this classical Greek temple is open structures that show gaps between the long columns. Their altars were also open as well and had large cult statues and treasures. The Romans were also cultural but they used practically and idealism in their work. These people admired the work of the Greeks but constructed their own style in their art and architecture. They were known for being good at building things using their...
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