Roman Figures

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  • Published : May 11, 2013
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The importance of various Roman figures and influences have defined its longevity and success of still remaining in people’s heart. Cicero was an excellent orator and his speeches remained famous for the skill in using the arguments and figures of speech. Even today they are considered wonderful pieces of classical Latin. The quality and ready accessibility of Ciceronian texts favored very wide distribution and inclusion in teaching curricula. This influence increased after the Dark Ages in Europe, from which more of his writings survived than any other Latin author, making him a very important Roman figure. Also, he was the last honest man in the Senate, trying to reform it from within to save it from the outsiders who were gaining momentum to destroy the Senate from the outside, using whatever means they could. Yet, most importantly, Cicero texts and stories motivated people of experience a sense of hope during the terrible Dark Ages of Medieval Europe.

Plautus was a great Roman comic playwright, and one of the two major writers of Roman (Fabula Palliata) , a Roman comedy. His plays were important because they modeled Greek originals, provided more days for dramatic representations than any of the other regular festival, and were very religious, providing a strong reaction and excitement from the crowd. Also, its connection with these “ludi” and being a religious connection made it very important as well. Plautus usually wrote about young men sowing their oats. Some of the plots of his plays can be recognized in the comedies of Shakespeare, thus making him a important figure in reflecting and motivating Shakespearean era to begin.

Cao the Elder was very strict military man, a great orator and an inventor. Cato gained a local reputation as an orator in the law courts and for his frugal lifestyle. This brought him to the attention of L. Valerius Flaccus, who encouraged him to seek public office in Rome. Yet he viewed the place as a...
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