Roman Fever

Topics: Love, Family, Roman Empire Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: April 9, 2012
Roman Fever—A reveal of women’s progress
Many people consider Roman Fever as a story that implies envy and comparison are the constant theme among women and it will be a repeating cycle not matter how society makes progress. However, I think this is the story which demonstrates women’s progress both physically and mentally.

The status of women has raised and women have gained more freedom overtime as we can infer from the story. For different generation, Roman stands for different meaning. “To our grandmothers, Roman fever; to our mothers, sentimental dangers—how we used to be guarded!—to our daughters, no more dangers than the middle of Main street.” For Grace and Alida, “sentiment danger” means dangers of love so that they were not allowed to go out, yet 25 years later, they met again when they were both were travelling in Rome. I consider this is a big progress for women since women could travel around freely to enjoy their lives and to explore the world. And their daughters were even invited by those young Italian aviators to fly to Tarquinia for tea which is a further progress because this indicates that women are welcomed to go out with less limitation. Moreover, the reaction of the head-waiter also implied the raising status of women—“The head-waiter, bowing over her gratuity, assured her that the ladies were most welcome, and would be still more so if they would condescend to remain for dinner”. Especially “the ladies were most welcome” and the gesture “bowing” demonstrate that women are being respected and they have gained certain status in the society. All these above clearly show women’s progress in physical aspect. Women’s progress also shows in mental aspect because women are gradually getting rid of control of men and able to choose their lives. In the story, Harriet and her young sister fell in love with the same person so that Harriet sent her sister to gather a flower which resulted in her sister’s death. Similarly, Grace was in love with...
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