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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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Roman Legacies Today and Yesterday

There are many legacies from ancient Rome that influenced today’s civilization. I feel the three that had most lasting impact were architecture, engineering and laws and citizenship. These three are still very much a part of our daily lives today.

Ancient Roman architecture has influenced our buildings in many ways. A lot of buildings of today have Roman Influence in their design. Buildings today are larger and stronger. We see pillars and columns. Buildings now have high ceilings. Arches can be found in buildings and bridges. Our capital building looks much like a dome from Roman times.

Engineering from Roman times, had excellent durable roads. Strong bridges have helped us to cross over rivers and lakes and allow us to expand our civilization. Ancient aqueducts influenced our current water travel. This process allows us to get water from the mountains to the valleys. It allows us to have clean water for bathing and drinking.

Today we use laws, citizenship and government created by the ancient Romans. We have a government that allows us to vote. They make laws to keep people from doing the wrong thing. Today citizenship is still an honor. Many countries have a ruler or a king. The United States has a President, which was like a Roman emperor.

In conclusion, Ancient Rome has influenced our lives by giving us many legacies. Some legacies left a lasting impact on our current civilization. Architecture left us beautiful strong buildings. Engineering gave us durable roads and waterways. Laws citizenship and a government have allowed us to have an orderly society.
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