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History Lecture 4 – Ancient Rome
Etruscans – there before romans in the north
Romans were affectively from Greece, colonies, shared Greek culture with Etruscans as well. Romulus Remus

Rome founded on the Tiber River. Shallow enough to fight off large scar battles. Intersecting of land and sea trade.
Originally a Monarchy, but after founding, would be conquered by Etruscans. Left Rome in a more powerful state after ejection of Etruscans (After 20 years) ((Rebellion began when Lucrecia was supposedly raped by Someone the Proud. Didn’t impose, but bought them into community and demanding troops. Romans were pretty simple outside of war, not big on culture. Generally described as callous.

Political System – similar to modern day democracy. Two people in console, one could veto the other, voted in, one year terms. Could be chosen by people in arms, etc. Would represent the aristocracy. Plebeians – the lower class – farmers, merchant, labourers, poor

Consults (2)
Senators (300)
Tribunes (10)
Citizen Assemblies (Adult Male Citizens)

Tribes voted as block
Writing down of laws – none written down- decided by a whim. Would benefit by having laws coded and written down. Easy to defend themselves – Laws of the Twelve Tables. Plebeians could be elected eventually.

Fast moving political systems.
Social mobility as democracy grown. Inherited power of democracy undermined. Reflects modern era

Ideological – Pantheon of gods, polytheistic, also worshipped ancestors. Priest mediated between this world and the god’s realm. Priests were sometimes politicians, killing animals, throwing bones for future telling. Morality was respectful for authority, patriarchal. Greatest sacrifice was for Rome.

Empire of Carthage. Punic wars. Transform nature of roman. Modern day Tunisia. Saw them as a threat and took their territory. Carthaginians controlled a section of Sicily. Started making demands, lead to the first Punic war. Carthaginians were not interested in Rome, wanted to expand trade not territory.

2nd Punic War – Carthaginian General – Hannibal. Lead daring attack against the Romans. Took forces, complete with elephants, marched across France over Italian Alps and fucked with Rome. Most elephants died on the way. Few surviving elephants totally mind fucked the Romans.

Ordered human tanks of structured Romans fell into chaos because of Hannibal’s badass elephants. Never attack the actual city, seemed to just want to fuck them, may be he just wanted to provoke other to rise up or he didn’t want to actually attack but he did anyway. Guess just wanted Rome to cool their shit. Sending badass elephants probably wasn’t the best plan.

Rome eventually totally fucked Carthage. Hannibal bolted because shit. They hunted him a decade later and still killed him. Damn, Rome.

Cato the Sensor wanted to fuck with Carthage. Proclaimed after every speech that Carthage must be destroyed. Wow dude, you don’t make friends easy.

War with Carthage last three years till they were totally fucked. Total expansion of Rome. Even fucked with the Greeks. What the fuck, Sparta, where did you go?!

Important impacts on Roman society.

Slaves became too poor in, Aristocracts got them to work and so the peasants had fuck all to do till so many were unemployed and the had to develop welfare. You could have just killed the slaves. Just sayin’

Greeks were totally fucked, all treasure taken, and Roman stole all their shit. Culture, language, theatre, all of it. Originality apparently died a REALLY long time ago.

Too many slaves by 100BC – almost 3million because REALLY? Spread throughout society.

Equestrians (middle class)

Slaves could have been killed at will. Not really worth shit.

Romans could have created steam engines but they didn’t? Why? That’s too lower class. With have slaves. 2Rich4u.

The cult of Osiris....
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