Roman Empire and Emperors Rome

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  • Published : December 8, 2012
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Yahari Lazaro
October 20, 2012
Period 1

The Fall of Rome: Error or Accident
Imagine yourself living in Rome with many achievements, wealthy people, and fancy homes and all of a sudden Rome stared to decline. There were many sicknesses and natural disasters. Rome existed in 700 B.C. to 476 A.D. Romans were the ones that invented the republic. Rome had many achievements that we still use today. Why did Rome dwindle? The main reasons for the decline of Rome were sicknesses and destructions, unstable government (bad government) and weak military forces and the foreign invasions.

One important reason for the fall of Rome is the sicknesses and destructions. These were measles, floods, and plagues that swept over the empire. (Doc F) For example there were natural disasters like the big earthquake that caused the flood to kill many Romans. This was one of the reasons that Rome fell because the natural disasters killed many Romans. Another way Rome might have fallen is because the diseases (plagues) were brought from southern Asia to new areas like the Mediterranean. This is a reason Rome feel because many people were killed and many buildings were collapsed. This was really awful to Rome because people didn’t have to live and people started to die.

Another important reason Rome declined is the unstable government they had. (Doc A) Rome had had about 22 emperors in 50 years. In Rome there were about 22 emperors in 50 years because most of them were assassinated or killed in battle. This shows that this might have been a cause of the decline of Rome because without emperors Rome wasn’t a stable republic. (Doc E) In Rome there were many unhappy citizens because the taxes were getting higher and higher. This hurt the Roman Empire because citizens started to leave. This had to show that many people didn’t like Rome at the end.

The most important reason Rome fell is the weak military forces and the invasions. Many foreign tribes were...
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