Roman Empire and Change Over Time

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  • Published : October 18, 2012
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Chapter 10: Mediterranean Society: The Greek Phase

Continuity and Change Over Time:
1. What were the major historical legacies of the Hellenistic age? In what ways was this period different from the earlier Hellenic age? 2. Discuss the transition from oligarchy to democracy in Athens. Consider it in light of the government systems in other Greek city-states.

1. Compare and contrast the ancient Athenians and Spartans. In what essential ways were they different? How did these differences affect their eventual fates? 2. Compare and contrast the Minoan and the Mycenaean societies.

Chapter 11: The Mediterranean Society: The Roman Phase

Continuity and Change Over Time:
1. Examine the reign of Augustus Caesar. What steps did he take to restore order and implement the pax romana? What were the long-term effects of his influence? 2. How did trade shape the Roman world? How did trade work to bring the Roman world together? 3. Examine the constantly changing religious world of the Romans. Explain the Roman role in the rise of Christianity.

1. Compare the status of women in Rome to their status in the rest of the ancient world. How was the role of women different in Rome than in the Greek city-states?

Chapter 12: Cross-Cultural Exchanges on the Silk Roads

Continuity and Change Over Time:
1. Examine the establishment of the silk roads. How did increased trade along these routes influence the participating societies?

1. Compare and contrast the Roman and Chinese empires. What made these states so powerful and influential for such a long period of time? 2. Compare and contrast the decline and collapse of the Han and Roman empires. Are there common problems that always help to explain the collapse of powerful empires? Use examples from earlier empires to back up your arguments. 3. Compare and contrast the spread of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity. What were the social...
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