Roman Culture Effect on Spain

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  • Published : July 28, 2008
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The first inhabitants of the Iberian penisula, in historical times, were the Celtiberian tribes, of not very well-known origin. In the IIIrd century B.C. the Romans Came and they turned the peninsula into a Roman colony. They established the Latin language, his system of government and his social and economic organization. Later they introduced the catholic religion. It has been said that the peninsula becomes the colony more romanizada of all. The inhabitants of the peninsula adopted the language called historically, the romance, or, the vulgar Latin, or the oral language of the people, and not the Latin of the Hispanic world comes from this oral language. The language, neolatinas, as the portgues, French, Italian, the Romanian and Spanish look alike very much because they all take the Latin as a base. The Roman culture also influenced the customs and the daily habits of the Spanish people. The well-known custom of the siesta takes his name of the sixth Latin word, or the exta hour of the day. This the above mentioned Roman reflects: the first six hours of the day are to work others are to live. It is clear that this owes to the physical needs of the people in a warm climate. In these regions it is preferable to work during the most fresh hours. In these regions it is preferable to work during the most fresh hours. Up to today, in many parts of the mute Hispanic one it is a custom to sleep the siesta after the lunch. In some more traditional cities all the shops and offices close hast wings four of the tard. Seven or eight of the night open to themselves from four o'clock hast wings again. Another most famous tradition in the Hispanic world is the bullfight that combines elements of sport, art and diversion in a spectacle full of emotion. The Romans popularized it in the circus, where all kinds of games was offering for the popular diversion. Even Julio Caesar learned to fight in the peninsula and authorized the first bullfights. The concept of the city as...
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