“Roman Civilization”

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“Roman Civilization”

All important source of our occidental civilization comes from the roman culture. The Roman Empire in its splendor signified a basic event in history. Its extension and diversity hasn’t had any comparison until the present United States. To accomplish this heroic deed it was necessary to obtain certain characteristics of the spirit and attitude of the romans. Their tolerance, malleability and practical sense was which made them respond to the circumstances in such manner which constituted the essence of the empire. Their own practical spirit derived them to conduct excellent routes, facilitated the communication and established laws that until today are reasons of inspiration. These remarkable events led to reach human rights and contributed to the concern of the duration of the human life. Romans face a lot of dilemmas and drew a lot of attention to problems which led to different aspects: political, social, psychological and demographic medium. The outstanding level reached by the Human Rights, constitutes the care for the duration of human life. Roman civilizaton was an urban and uniforme culture. Rome was a large city which was divided in network of cites. Town and and provinces were founded given grant to Roman soldiers upon their retairment from the army. Little by little the small city started to grow and became an Imperio, therefore, it is important to undersatand it’s government. The Roman monarchy was the first form of political goverment of the city of Rome. The Romans constructed a form of political organization. The educational system was also very important for evolution of Rome in the manner that citizens were educated and contributed to the political growth.


In the second half of the fith century B.C. Rome was an aristocrat republica of agricultural workers. Rome occupied an approximate total surface of 450 square miles and had a free population, distributed around the country side divided into distinct rustic tribes. The majority of families owned small farms. Neighboring sites own animal farms, in their own homes which constituted the instruments to elaborate clothing and only in the afternoon atended to the fortify city. In the city there were temples of Gods, the Government of the Republica, the patrician “rich people” houses, the artisans stores and merchandisers. In these stores exchanges of goods, foods and other took place. Their political organization contituted a king, who governeded the reign along with the senate, and popular assembles.

People also attended to the city to celebrate religion cults and to obey civic rights. The proprietaries were divided into five classes base on fortune of each class, each proprietarian was divided into centurio: each proprietary attended to vote, this manner proprietaries took part to the approval of law in the elections of the first judge or magistrate of the Republica.


Although the magistrate were elected, Rome became a doubly aristocrat republica. Nevertheless, the centuries ascended from the belonging of the poor to the rich people, it contained electives less restricted. Moreover, the high magistrates left reserved for his heritage privilege to few number of patrician families that possessed more lands, farm animals and more slaves.

The Romans lived and developed stages with in their civic evolution. Institutional, was the beginning stage, the first political step, composed of diversity of events; one of the principal events was the crusades the time of political changes and expansion. The Roman Imperium became in paradigm of the imperial power and control of Rome and other cities. This contributed to industrial development, political transformation and other changes. The following is a brief description of la roman political evolution which has their own characteristics that has contributed to our present world.

a. The Monarchy: The...
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