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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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Roman Catholic vs. Baptist Church
Roman Catholic and Baptist Church are the two leading Christian religions in America. They have some similarities, such as; 1. Both believe in the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit 2. Both believe that Jesus was fully God and fully man.

3. Both believe that good works is necessary
4. Both believe in Heaven and a Hell
5. Both believe God is all knowing and all powerful 6. Both believe that God IS love There are many differences between Roman Catholic and Baptist Church. Baptist Church is one of the offspring of the "Reformation". The Baptists, trace their origins to John Smyth and the Separatist Movement beginning in England in 1608. To America Baptist congregations came in 1845 to form the largest American Baptist organization. By contrast, Roman Catholic Church was formed 2,000 thousand years ago were Peter, appointed by Jesus, was the foundation of Jesus' church.

The main differences are as follow;

| Catholic| Baptist|
Sacraments| Catholics have 7 recognized sacraments; Baptism Eucharist
Reconciliation (confession)
Holy Orders
Anointing of the Sick| They believe in only 2 sacraments; baptism for adults and communion (only 2-4 times a year)| Pope| Roman Catholics recognizes a Pope, and believe in Apostolic succession| Baptists don't recognize Pope and they don't have specific authorities such as bishops, etc.| Mary and Immaculate Conception| Catholics believe in prayer to Mary and recognize Immaculate Conception| Do not recognize and do not worship Mary. They believe that prayer can be made only to God| Saints| Believe in intercessions of special people | belief that only those alive can intercede and those who are in heaven can't hear us or help us | Purgatory| Believe...
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