Roman Aqueducts

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History 101
Research and Response Paper #1

I plan to write my paper on the cultural impact of roasting coffee, discovered by the Turks, in 13th century Turkey. The coffee bean had be discovered by goats in 850 ce but was not cultivated for brewing until the 13th century. Roasting the coffee beans using clay or stone dishes over a fire and consuming the coffee along with the grounds was how it all began. The drink was known as “that which prevents sleep”, and was so influential that it became grounds for a woman to divorce a man if he did not supply his daily coffee quota. In my opinion coffee was just as influential a thousand years ago as it is today. According to The Roast And Post Coffee Company, “Coffee is the most popular drink worldwide with over 400 billion cups consumed each year”. Coffee is still shaping our world today more than we know. Although women aren't divorcing men over not drinking or producing enough coffee for the day, they do bond with other men over drinking the same stimulating beverage. The impact of coffee on ancient civilization and modern civilization are not so different after all. I plan to use the following sources to write my paper...

- This site gives facts about coffee consumption as well as the history of coffee. - The National Coffee Association gives history and news on Coffee all around the world -Coffee culture : local experiences, global connections / Catherine M. Tucker This looks like an interesting and educational book about coffee and its cultural impact.
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