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TASK 1 – Marketing in the 21th century

1. Short description of the company

“Rollerblade® is the world leader in the in-line skate market, Rollerblade pioneered the in-line skating boom by changing the perception of in-line skates.”

“Once seen as strictly an off-season training device for hockey players, in-line skates are now a widely accepted "lifestyle" product that can be used by just about anyone. Today professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts and fun seekers of all ages enjoy the sport of in-line skating.”

The goal of Rollerblade company is to reach each one of us as its target market.

2. Changes in marketing today
Marketing is undergoing changes. Companies have to focus on another type of marketing to be in agreement with environment/society transformations and then moving from a global marketing to a more specified marketing. The customer-oriented marketing is the most often used marketing approach today, the importance of mass marketing decreasing on the other hand. The very essence of this customer focused concept means knowing customers instead of planning a unique strategy focalized on products for all of them. Current organizations focus on the needs and wants analysis of target markets to provide them with the desired satisfaction. “They seek to provide an array of products and services that are packaged and tailored to their customer [demands].” This is why each company should well define market and be aware of all the actual changes to effectively satisfy customer and then achieve a long term customer relationship. In order to accomplish this aim by gaining competitive advantage, the company has to make organizational changes and increase the quality level of the products. “There is a need to differentiate the offerings by treating the customers differently and then create exceptional customer value.”


3. What are the changes undertaken by the company Rollerblade that we can notice?

The company Rollerblade responds to the changes which occur in marketing nowadays. Indeed, as we can see on its website, the firm is adopting a customer-oriented marketing:

- They offer different kind of products and services according to people’s use as well as their age bracket by separating its target market in 4 categories: Fitness, Urban, Kids and Street. By implementing this one-to-one marketing, Rollerblade may attract more customers because no matter what those people need, they can find the proper product which suits to them.

- They offer the possibility to use social networks knowing it is a way to advertise itself very fashionable and desired by people at the moment.

- They write articles about upcoming events to attend or previous ones. This is something which for everyone can develop an interest as it provides useful and trendy information.

- They display pictures and videos on which people or famous athletes practicing in-line skates with their products to make internet users compare themselves to them using a very trendy way which attract people.

- They give the opportunity to people to learn in-line skate by displaying several video lessons. It is a method that people rather like in the virtual world we are living in.

As Rollerblade describes itself as a company continuing “to push the sport in new frontiers with innovative technologies, and revolutionary marketing programs to spread the gospel of in-line skating”, we can suppose that the firm won’t stop with those ideas…

TASK 2 – Mission statement – the core brand value
Case study: Google

1. How does Google’s mission statement meet its core brand value?

A core brand value “generally consists of one primary characteristic of the category that the brand will develop as perception of being “best in the industry” as well as other positive attributes that will be associated with the brand”. The aim of it is to make the brand unique.

The corporate mission of Google is “to organize the...
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