Roller Coaster vs Love

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Instructor Anthony Sanders
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October 17, 2012
Riding a Roller Coaster and Loving Someone

During times in your life, loving someone can be just like riding a roller coaster. They both have their ups and down, sudden turns along the way, repetitive circles, and those butterflies that get in your stomach. However, one of the major differences is how you ride, the respect, time, cost, and how you expect things to take place. No matter what has happened throughout the journey, they are both very good experiences that take place in your life because it allows you to grow and learn from each of them.

At the very beginning of a ride, everyone is standing in line, waiting for the next seat to become available. You wait and you wait and you become very impatient. You are so excited and just cannot wait to get on the ride and find out what it is all about. This is just like a relationship; at the start of it you are so excited to meet your significant other and get to know him or her so much better. You want to know everything about him or her. Everything is going great until it is finally time to get on the ride. You hand them your ticket, sit down in your seat and before you know it, reality has hit you; the fear and risk you are about to take. You have just put your life in the hands of someone you do not completely know; you just trust them and hold on. As in relationship, you start off giving all your trust to someone who you do not completely know. You give them your life and your heart and you trust them to handle it well.

You are told to keep all hands and feet inside the cart at all times; that is the only rule. You may ride however you choose as long as you are inside the cart. However, in a relationship, you have boundaries. You are not able to do as you wish; you must respect your partner in every way. You are not allowed to cheat and commit adultery on them. In a relationship, you are to vow to stay faithful and loyal to them....
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