Roll of Thunder; Here Me Cry

Topics: White people, African American, Black people Pages: 3 (1004 words) Published: November 6, 2011
Roll Of Thunder: Hear My Cry Book Report

1. The setting for the short novel, Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry, is in the state of Mississippi, in the early 1930’s, which means that it is right during the middle of the Great Depression. I believe the setting is very important to the book because in Mississippi during those times there was a lot of racism and racial segregation, the African Americans people could not do the same things that Caucasian, white people could do. Also the setting is important because if they author had put the book set in a place like New York City the racism would not be the same as if she set the book in a place like Mississippi or really anywhere in the South. In addition the setting is important because if it had been set in the modern times there is not as much racism, and it is not as bad as it was back in the 1930’s and the place where the book takes place makes sense because they talk a different way in the South than in the West, in the South they don’t finish some words and use slang like ain’t. More over the setting is a key component to the story line is that the African American people in the South are not treated as well in the 1930’s then the 60’s or even the modern times, compared to a white person, for example the cops would trust a white man over a black man about a crime. 2. Now I will write a paragraph comparing, but also contrasting the white population in the 1930’s and also the black population of that time. First, to compare they both live in the South and both people farm for a living, plus have a large family to tend to the farm once the father leaves for work then the other kids. In addition both populations live in the rural areas of Mississippi, neither really live in the city. Additionally both groups have large amounts of land, even though the white families may have more they both still have a lot. Now to contrast, a few things that are different about white people than black people are that white men can...
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