Roll of Thunder Heat My Cry Study Answers

Topics: Black people, White people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (869 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry

A. I think Mr. Morrison gets attached to the Logan family because of his role as a body guard for the family. He appreciates the kindness that he is offered and went through memorable moments with the family, such as the story he told about the night men murdering his sisters and parents. Story telling amongst African-Americans is a tradition, but this is still regarded as a personal moment, even though he is brought in by Cassie's father to protect the family because of racial conflict. He is a big strong man, who works as a protector instead of an instigator; therefore the family feels safer with his presence. His attachment is probably due to the connection he has with family and the past of his actual family's death. Perhaps he looks at himself as not the actual member but an important part of the Logan Family's life, which creates a mutual respect and friendship between the two. He was also honest from their first encounter, which is a good sign coming from a stranger. He already explains to the mother he was fired for fighting, but further details explain he was fired because the man he was fighting with was white. The mother doesn’t hold it against him. B. Violence is a key theme in the story, and the situation that T.J is in is somewhat similar to the story of Mr. Morrison with the night men, showing the brutality of the white folks through accusation. T.J is merely accused of the crime, but because he is black not only will violence be portrayed against him but his entire family as well. For example his younger brother Claude, who had nothing to do with T.J’s crime, gets beaten up by the mob, even though he fears T.J rather than respect or admire him as a role model. T.J nearly got lynched, but so was his father, just for actually being his father. He is small and quite sickly and cannot control his son’s foolishness. Then there is the mother, who is merely just trying to protect her foolish son from...
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