Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, Character Study of Cassie Logan

Topics: White people, Black people, White Pages: 2 (758 words) Published: November 13, 2010
Roll of Thunder, Hear my cry :

Character Study :

Cassie Logan :

In Roll of thunder, hear my cry, Cassie is the protagonist of the story, she is, the narrator. She is a nine-year-old child when the story begins and is starting to perceive injustices between people around her. Cassie is from the start of the story a very intelligent little girl with a sense of loyalty and protective instincts toward her siblings. She is a typical black child whose life prior is school. She has some minor arguments like who sits where in the classroom with other farmer children that goes to school with her. Her worst problem in her life has been to avoid getting buried in dust or spattered with mud by the white school bus that passes them on their way to school every day.

The novel begins a new phase of Cassie’s life. She is growing up and is also becoming aware of differences between herself and other children. Those differences are mostly based on skin colour. She went threw difficult moments in order to accept them. Her first sign of revolt happens in school when she defends Little Man who has objected to the used books because they were previously used by whites who had damaged before giving them to them, the black. At this stage of the story, she was expecting Miss Crocker to reports to her mother so in order to avoid this she tries to get to her mother first. However, Mama understands Cassie. Perhaps her mother’s defence gave Cassie the nerve to speak up in the store in Strawberry, on top of her given her personality. It’s there where she learns for the first time that whites people tends to think themselves Superior and better the black; she has to endure her first humiliation in showing deference to a white child (Lillian Jean) no older than she is. This incident enlivens her to two aspects of her life that she cannot change. The first one is that she can expect to be forced to take second place to a white person of any age. The second is the adults in her family...
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