Roll of Thunder

Topics: Black people, Race and Ethnicity, White people Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: March 28, 2013
Roll of Thunder

In Roll of Thunder, there are many successes of the Logan family. We see this in a lot of the characters, especially Cassie. She tends to be stubborn in her views, as is her Uncle Hammer. Her parents teacher her how to grow up with dignity and to put her pride aside so that she can endure the racism she will face. Cassie, despite her stubborn personality, learns that racism is something to fight when the time is right, and to endure when it is necessary.

Throughout this story we see how the Logan parents have taught their children to grow up with self-respect no matter what their race. We see this in the very beginning of the book when Little Man sees the word “negra” written in his book. He throws the book on the floor and is very upset about it. When Miss Crocker is about to whip him Cassie stands up in his defense, showing their family support. Little Man and the rest of the Logan kids were taught to be proud of their race and to tolerate such insults. Mrs. Logan shows the same idea when she covers up all of the books with brown paper so that the students don’t have to tolerate such things.

In this black community we see all of the many trials they face. We learn in chapter two about the burning of John Henry Berry by the white folks. Here the white got away with it and once again the blame was put back on the blacks. John was said to be flirting with a white woman, which could have been nothing more than being polite, but since he is black it was looked poorly upon. Papa warns the children not to go the Wallace store so that they, too, do not become subject of lynching.

So instead, the children dig a hole for the bus to fall into. This shows the character of the children. Little Man is easily angered, Stacy, the oldest, is strong and clever along with being ready to bend the rules in order to satisfy his siblings. This revenge also shows the closeness that these children have to one another.

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