Roll of Thuder Hear My Cry

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
PreAP Pre-Reading Activity

In the novel you will read about two schools.
ŸJefferson Davis County School
ŸGreat Faith Elementary School
One school is for white students, while the other school is for black students. The separate schools are linked to a case called Plessy vs. Ferguson, where the Supreme Court decided that it was constitutional to have segregated facilities for whites and blacks as long as the facilities were equal. The ruling was overturned in 1954 with the case of Brown vs. The Board of Education. The result of the case was integration of white and black schools.

Part One 10 pts
After reading the information above, answer the following questions using complete sentences. 1. Why do you think a term like “equality” is difficult to define? Because everybody has a different definition their own way of thinking. 2. What problems do you think the concept of “separate but equal” caused? Almost everybody who was white agreed that is was equal but the blacks were like heck no!!! and started to fight back with it. 3. Why might it be difficult to provide “separate but equal” facilities for whites and blacks? Funding and people have different definitions of separate but equal. 4. Infer how the segregation of blacks and whites affected African-Americans. they thought that it was no better now than it was a hundred years ago like slaves. 5. Infer how the segregation of blacks and whites affected Caucasians. The Caucasians were white people who thought that they were doing the right thing but some of them disagreed and wanted to treat African Americans like white people.

Part Two 18 pts
Interview. What family stories can you find out?
Your task:
ŸCreate a list of 7 interview questions to ask one of your grandparents, older relative, or an older family friend that inquire about life when they were children. ŸYou can record the interview or write the interview down. ŸParagraph reflection (on paper): In...
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