Roles, Responsibilities and Boundaries as a Teacher and the Importance of Good Record Keeping.

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  • Published : November 14, 2012
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Roles, Responsibilities and Boundaries as a Teacher and The Importance of Good Record Keeping.

As a teacher your roles and responsibilities are far reaching. In my present position as a trainer within Learning & Development this is influenced not only by the requirements of the learners, but also by the requirements of the organisation. Some roles and responsibilities however are applicable to all teaching situations and it is those I have covered below. Planning any delivery activity properly is imperative in a teaching role and this will involve designing programs of study, planning and preparing lessons, developing interesting delivery methods and ensuring sessions are applicable to learners requirements. I currently work within a team of trainers who deliver information and practical sessions based around the learners role within the organisation. The programs of study are reviewed and re-written on an annual basis following in depth discussions and assessments of feedback received from learners in order to ensure sessions are achieving both the learners and organisations aims and objectives. Attendance is arranged via an admin department but monitored by trainers on an attendance form much like a traditional register. Many of the roles of a teacher are ongoing before, during and after the delivery session and these would include assessing the impact of learning. This is achieved in my case, by questioning during the lesson, observation of adoption of new techniques and demonstration of adopting new knowledge in the work place as well as testing for skills decay with follow up assessment days. When learners are following an on going course of study I will also use these methods to monitor progress of the learners and in all situations a teacher must provide quality feedback coving good points, learning points and, if necessary address any further teaching input required. Throughout the process a teacher must also act as a role model to their students. In...
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