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  • Published : January 4, 2013
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Write an analysis of:

The main roles and responsibilities you hold as a teacher trainer/tutor where you work, and how these roles and responsibilities relate to other key roles in your organisation (You should refer here to other teachers or tutors / managers / learning assistants / parents / employers / other support workers as appropriate). (300 words) The relationships between teachers and other professionals in the lifelong learning sector. (500 words)

According to Gravells (2011), "The most important aspect of teaching is to ensure that learning is taking place." While this statement may seem simple, perhaps even obvious, the application of it is anything but. A class is made up of individuals varying in age, sex, ability, religion and other differentiations. The teacher is responsible for delivering content in a variety of ways to suite every learner, ensuring that classes are inclusive to all. It is of utmost importance to safeguard the learning of each student and provide a safe and comfortable place of learning.

Before even reaching the classroom, a teacher must first consider the individual needs of students and design a Scheme of work that caters to all. Each lesson is planned in such a way as to meet these needs. Where necessary, additional aids may be brought in to help, such as yellow paper for dyslexia sufferers.

Assessments are carried out throughout the course of study to help gauge each students progress. This not only identifies areas requiring additional aid but may also point out failings in either the course or the teacher. Assessments are therefore crucial to ensuring students are supported and the course offered is relevant & efficient in delivering its content. A proactive teacher will set achievable goals, offer sufficient support and modify his teaching methods to better aid the learning of his students. Keeping accurate records of both formative and summative assessments is necessary so that relevant teachers...
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