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Topics: Tourism, Langkawi, Kedah Pages: 6 (1776 words) Published: March 31, 2013
* A tall girl
* Is a good friend with Boon Ying since secondary school
* Kind, responsible, helpful and patient
* Very like to travelling
* Student, come for Langkawi for short semester break.
* Friend of Ann Ying, since secondary school
* Materialistic
* Love Shopping
* Have been travel to many country
* Like to waste money (thrifty)
* Come to Langkawi for short semester break
* Age 21
* Still studying at Universiti Chulalongkorn
* Now is semester break
* Had a wish tome over to Malaysia
* Saw the advertisement travel on the television at Malaysia * Loves nature
* It was his dream
* Resourceful about pulau Langkawi
* Always give information
* Work as a part-time job before entering the next semester in university AZMA ( TOURIST GUIDE)
* Like to smile a lot
* Talkative
* Care for others
* Also work as a part-time job as a tourist

* Sultan Abdul Halim Airport
* Langkawi Jetty
* Hotel Helang
* Pulau Dayang Bunting
* Beach Garden Desert Restaurant
* Golf Club Datai Bay
* Mahsuri Tomb, beras terbakar

One day at Great Land of China, 2 girls are watching the television . That two girls are Ann Ying and Boon Ying and then there is a commercial break when they were having fun watching their soap dramas. The commercial break is about the travel and tours at Malaysia. Meanwhile, on the other side of the globe, In Thailand ,a guy was also watching his television about his favorite sport section but has been stop for commercial a break about the travel and tours. Amzar: Hi everyone, I am Amzar and this is Azma (Azma greet herself). We are from AA’ Travels and Tours!. So Guys if you feel bored’ with your Holiday come on join with us in “AA’ Travel and Tours!” For this trip we will invite you guys to Langkawi island. Don’t you think it will be nice and soothed when you’re on the white sand watching the sunset? If you want to join call us at our number ( 016-6544-321-565-071-595). Thank you guys and Have A Pleasure Holiday! In some situation at the China~

Boon Ying:Hey, Ann Ying. How about if we go to Langkawi island? It will be a nice and enjoying holiday everrr~right? Ann Ying:I’m not sure about that, but I want to try it. I have never been to Malaysia before. So, how about we give them a call, Boon? Boon Ying:Okay, okay.. ( take her phone) , ( 016-6544-321-565-071-595 ) wow, so long! It’s really make me confuse, what kind of number is this! So longg~ How poor to dial this number, one wrong number I might call a pizza delivery~ Ann Ying:( laugh) yes, I’m confused too Boon.

Boon Ying:Hello, I am Boon Ying. Is this AA’ Travels And Tours? Amzar:Yes, you’re right, this is AA’ Travels and Tours. May I help you miss? Boon Ying:My friend and I are thinking of a vacation. Can you help my friend and I to join your trip to Langkawi Island at Malaysia, we were watching your commercial just now. How to settle the payment? Meanwhile, on the other hand;

Natha:Oh, okay.. Just this miss?
Azma: Yes, you can pay half of the amount after you arrive at Malaysia. If you arrive at the airport I will pick you up there. Okay? Natha:Okay, Thank You.
Azma:No problem and your welcome
After each tourist has called travel and tours agent ,the tourist now start to prepare the bags with cloth, tickets and all kind of thing to bring to their trip. And finally on 29rd November each of the tourist have confirmed to the agent when they will come to the airport. Part 1

Had a phone call from China and Thailand that they have confirmed their flights to inform that they will come on Malaysia on next day at the afternoon. Ann Ying:Hello, good afternoon this is Ann Ying.

Amzar:Hello this AA’ Travels and Tours. May I help you?
Ann Ying:Err.. my friend had...
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