Roles of a Top Manager Air Canada

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The name of Air Canada’s Director Station of Operation in Alberta is Rod Sim. His job is very challenging and his position requires knowledge of many skills in order to successfully accomplish his daily responsibilities.

In order to understand why being Director is difficult and demanding, the best place to start may be with Air Canada itself.

Air Canada serves a diverse group of stakeholders and it has to be profitable in order to exist. The company is subject to extensive Canadian and foreign government regulations. Any changes in aviation policy could result in termination of flights and that can affect Air Canada’s profits. That is why, it is very important for Mr. Sim to keep on top of all new policies and regulations.

The greatest challenge for Air Canada besides making a profit to meet economic responsibility is it’s legal and ethical responsibilities. Their number one priority is commitment to safety of the employees, customers and general public to make sure that at the end of the day everyone gets to their destination safe. One example of being ethical is by keeping customers aware why the flights are delayed. Air Canada tries to be proactive in their approach to social responsiveness. If the company knows that there is a bad weather somewhere, the company will send customers email advising them about the weather and allowing them to change for free to another flight.

Primary stakeholders are customers as well as the employees of Air Canada. In order to satisfy the customers, the company is seeking constantly how to have high quality customer service and one example would be providing a choice of 7 different languages on their website. They always try to improve morale among the employees by having different contests throughout the year and listening to their concerns. The secondary stakeholder can be government of Canada. There is a lot of government organizations involved, one of which is Transport Canada and they have...
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