Roles of a Teacher

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Module 2 – Lesson 1

3) What are the various roles of a teacher in the development of the 4 language skills?

English language teachers do know more about English than their students do, and part of the role of English language teachers is to teach students what they know about English. But an equally important part of learning English is developing skills, and skills can only be developed by practice. Just as a coach can't make someone a good runner just by explaining how to run, an English teacher can't make students good speakers, readers and writers just by explaining English to them. Instead, like a coach, a teacher must help students learn how to practice effectively, and also encourage them to practice a lot, even when the teacher is not around.

An overall role of a teacher in these four skills is as a feedback organizer, a person who organizes feedbacks and renders feedback when necessary. But looking into the perspective of reading and listening skills, a role of a teacher is more of an organizer, where the teacher should lead in the introduction of the activity, provide clear instructions of the activity, initiates the activity and sees that the activity continues in a proper way. Then when the activity is over, the teacher provides feedback to the students. Besides that, a teacher also plays a vital role as a prompter in reading and listening, to prompt the task which is rendered. In reading skills however, a teacher also plays a role as an observer, where teachers need to just observe the way students read without giving much feedbacks or comments to increase the students interest in reading. Besides being an organizer, feedback organizer and prompter in the listening skills, a teachers’ role in the listening skills is also as a machine operator where teacher needs to operate all the machines required during a listening activity, which includes the radio, computer and listening aids.

In writing skills,...
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