Roles of Women in the Civil War

Topics: Confederate States of America, American Civil War, United States Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: March 18, 2013
The civil war is looked at as a man’s fight and everything they did in it but you rarely hear about women that did just as much as some men if not more. Women contributed to the civil war in ways that may be surprising because it is not acknowledged as much as it should be in history. All women helped fight in the Civil War in some way whether they were a part of the union, confederate or even if they were slaves. During the civil war women did a wide variety of things that were very helpful to both sides of the war.

A lot of things women did to help with the war were at home. In the north and south women would join societies to provide the union or confederate troops with everything they would need. Things like food that they would bake then can and also plant gardens. They would provide socks, gloves and uniforms that they would wash as well. They would raise money for medical supplies and more by doing door to door fundraisers. Women in the north would work in the factories to make the uniforms and other garments and only make about 24 cents per day. A women's drill team was started in New York in 1861 to defend the home front incase they were attacked and there was no men or soldiers around to help.

Women worked on the battle field to help cook, clean and be nurses to the sick or wounded soldiers. For a long time women wanted to help and they finally got to when the United States Sanitary commission was created in 1861. The United States Sanitary commission was a relief agency to support sick and wounded soldiers. About 20,000 working class and free slaved women volunteered to do the cooking and cleaning and about 3,000 worked as nurses. Women would also volunteer to carry the flags but many units would not let them.

Some women wanted to fight and defend their country just as much as some men but both the Union and the Confederate States forbid women from enlisting. Women would disguise their selves as men and because they had a mans name and...
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