Roles of Women

Topics: Fear, Marriage, 2007 singles Pages: 1 (344 words) Published: December 21, 2012
Flight of Doris Lessing concentrates on psychology of the old man who keeps a pigeon as his treasure. Howerver, the old man is not even given a name or some descriptions to let us understand. Therefore, the old man’s speech is extremely important for us to understand the old man’s characteristic. First of all, he is a person who loves his granddaughter very much. In the beginning of the story, the old man talk to his favorite pigeon: “pretty, pretty, pretty”. Therefore, we can know that he loves his pigeon which symbolizes to Alice. After that, when he saw his grand-daughter waiting for her boyfriend, he said to his pigeon :“now you stay here”. This detail lets us know that he was very angry when Alice was waiting her boyfriend. He loves his granddaughter and fears for losing her, which makes him becomes angry and jealous. Secondly, he behaved childishly when he talk with Alice. His fingers curling like claws into his palm and he said:“hey”, “waiting for Steven, hey?”. Moreover, he was very angry when Alice did not comply with his advice, so he threatened her: “I’ll tell your mother!”. After that, he shouted angrily: “Rubbish. Impudent little bit of rubbish!” when hearing Alice’s song. Finally, his fear of loneliness and his love for Alice were so great that he become a selfish person. The old man’s mood and thinking were exposed when he talk to his daughter, Lucy. He was very obstinate to accept the truth of Alice’s marriage: “Liar. Then you should regret it. Why do you make your girls marry? It’s you who do it. What do you do it for? Why?”. He was very sad and feared for loneliness when thinking about Alice’s marriage. Finally, He must confess his selfish when he tried to persude Lucy to keep Alice with them “she’s the last. Can’t we keep her a bit longer?”. In conclusion, the old man’s speech is very improtant for the reader to understand his characteristic, which is one of factors make Flight become successful....
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