Roles of Men and Women

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  • Published : November 24, 2012
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Yesica Leguizamon
July 18, 2012
Roles of men and women need to change for a modern world. However, the most difficult part is how men adapt to it. Now, for men are struggling to balance home and work life, men’s traditional role is to be the breadwinner and support the family, but men want to change these traditional roles because they want to be more involved as parents. However in their role as care takers, they feel as much stress as women. Men’s traditional role are changing, they want to be involved with their family not only as a breadwinner if not also as a parent. According to Tara Parker author of “Now, Dad feels as stressed as mom” state that “For decades, the debate about balancing work and family life has been framed as an issue for women.” The traditional roles of women in most of the cultures are to take care of their children, do housework and be at home. However, now women’s and men’s role are changing. Women want to work and have a high education and men want to be involved with the family. Parker state that “Men are typically breadwinner, but also increasingly report a desire to spent more time with their children.” For men, the traditional role of being involved in childcare, children disciplinarian and uninvolved in domestic life is not enough to be part of their family and they think that is time to change it. They want to share roles in parenting, do activities and go to the Dr’s visits with their children, be a good parent, always be there when they children need them and have a great sense of responsibility. However, to some men being a father is straggling. They have to balance home and work life. According to Parker “Fathers are now struggling just as much and sometimes even more than mothers in trying to fulfill their responsibilities at home and in the office” it means that men have the same stress as women and more family responsibilities. They have to be on time at work, be prepared and complete work on time, but they also have...
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