Roles of Media in Environment Awareness

Topics: Water resources, Water supply, Water crisis Pages: 15 (5985 words) Published: November 14, 2010
Role of Media in Environment Awareness

The rapid expansion and new breakthroughs in the arena of science and technology have taken humankind into a new age. The developments have both pros and cons. On the one hand, while technological developments have affected almost every aspect of human life, at the other, it has its devastating effect on the nature itself. Thus mankind faces double challenges from modern machines and from saving the nature, the mother earth. At this paradoxical juncture, the role of media, so to say, becomes very important and worthwhile. In this modern knowledge-society, media plays the role of facilitator of development, disseminator of information, and being an agent of change. Regarding the issue of environment awareness, media plays a vital role in spreading the true message. Along with bringing it into the hub of debates and discussions, it tries to suggest alternatives to people and policy-makers. First of all, the mere awareness also creates a genuine interest to probe into the exact matter. Thus, environment awareness is one of the important issues which media presents consciously and effectively to say a few things to the people. The awareness on environment has shown multiplicity of results in the form different issues of livelihood rights, of displacement and rehabilitation, of sustainability, of pollution led damages and it's control etc. Thus, the all pervading media has really raised the awareness on environment among people. To see how far media has attempted to raise the awareness, a case study is taken of the fortnightly-published magazine, from the Center for Science and Environment-'DOWN TO EARTH'. This magazine is solely committed to raise each and every issue regarding environment, nature and sustainable development. From the various issues of concern, in this paper, three important issues are raised. They are the rural regeneration, the drought in Gujrat, and the air pollution in Delhi . ENVIRONMENTAL REGENERATION

The next logical step to environment protection is that of environment regeneration .As thy name suggests, it raises issues of regeneration: of biomass, watershed and other sources of sustainable development. This process is needed to be Undertaken in a 'satyagraha' mould. Without the concerted effort, it would be difficult to produce enough of foodgrains, drinking water and biomass to sustain the burgeoning population. The population has touched the all time high of 1000million mark. Every million hectare of India 's land today supports about 3 million people. Studies conducted by Indian environmentalists over the last decade have clearly shown that the majority of the people survive within 'a biomass-based subsistence economy', that is, on products obtained from plants and animals. Over the coming years, India 's demand for food, firewood, fodder, building materials like timber and thatch, industrial raw materials and various such products will grow by leaps and bounds. Alongwith foodgrains, production of milk, cotton, rubber, fish, and various other sources of food and industrial raw materials must grow rapidly. Almost half the industrial output comes from biomass-based industry and so even industrial output will be seriously affected if biomass production cannot keep pace with the population growth. At the same time, to meet basic survival needs, firewood production must increase from a current production of 100 million tonnes to about 300 million tonnes and green fodder production from about 230 million tonnes to 780 million tonnes. India's land area is not going to increase and, therefore, these growing demands can be met only if we can find highly productive systems for growing all forms of biomass from foodgrains to grasses and trees which will be at the same time ecologically-sound and sustainable-not technical systems that give bumper yield today but discount the future. The limited land and water resources will come under increasing pressure...
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