Roles of Managers and Leaders

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Roles of Managers and Leaders
An organization without a leader with a vision may be destined to fail. In the same respect, an organization without a qualified manager to carry out that vision could be in total chaos. It may be possible for the role of leader and manager to be played by the same person; but in all likelihood, they are portrayed by two totally different individuals; especially if within a large organization such as the United States Postal Service (Postal Service). The Postal Service™ delivers hundreds of millions of messages each day to more than 141 million homes and businesses. The Postal Service has been operating for over two centuries and to give a prospective of how long that is; Benjamin Franklin was its first leader as postmaster general. The district and plant managers take the postmaster general’s vision to base their strategies to achieve the business’ goals. Having endured many changes throughout history, beginning with Benjamin Franklin, the leader and managers together had to have the vision and the drive to help the business thrive as long as it has (USPS, 2008). Leaders versus Managers

The difference between being a leader and being a manager is the difference between having a vision versus carrying out a vision. Even though they may intertwine at times, these two positions hold different roles and have different responsibilities within an organization. In brief, a leader has a vision for the future of an organization and can get people to believe in his vision through his or her passion in their beliefs. The manager is also somewhat of a leader in that he gets employees motivated about the vision by giving them the information, resources and direction in order to carry out the task toward the overall vision of the organization. In the USPS’s organizational structure the postmaster general is the highest level position appointed by its board of governors. When Benjamin Franklin was appointed postmaster general of...
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