Roles of Management

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Roles of management in business:
Employees are the heart of any business, but management is the soul! They are the center of the operation. The role of management in business is critical to success and requires an individual who possess the following abilities.

Goal setters:

Whether it is completing all items on the to do list in the business planner, or scheduling the meeting with the marketing department about a promotion three months out, good managers know the importance of goal setting, and know how to get things done. Without goals, business remains stagnant and sales dwindle. With no game plan opportunities are wasted, and growth is impossible. Mangers play an important role in a business by defining objectives, setting goals and following up.

Leadership abilities:

Skillful leaders are always on! From a simple gesture such as greeting employees with eye contact and a smile, to more difficult maneuvers such as leading the team through achieving a difficult task, great management always understands that the workers are the most important asset to his business.

Being an approachable leader is imperative to the success of a manager. When a manager is easier to approach, the business has a better chance of addressing critical issues that will influence the achievement of the goals. Leadership plays a key role in the managing of any business.

Delegation skills:

No one can do everything themselves nor should they ever try. Effective managers not only delegate, they know what is important to delegate and what is better left in their own hands.

Some managers delegate everything and actually have little control over the operations of the business. This can lead to poor quality and sloppy practices. Other managers are so tight with power they try and do everything alone, which is a big blunder. It undermines the staff, and sends a clear message to them not to interfere or provide input. This is missing the opportunities that can expand the business. It also goes nowhere in developing a competent and well trained staff.

Tenacity: the role of the manager is have a complete commitment to his/her business. Commitment to the goals of the organization, to the employees, customers, and also a commitment to themselves. To have a steady hand when things get tough, and the confidence to stick to the plan and follow through.

When the manager takes on the role of total commitment to the business, the rest of the goals fall into place. People love success, and want to follow successful people. Confidence breeds success, and a successful manager is committed to winning.

Goal setting, leadership, and dedication to the business, are all important roles a manager works on to run a successful business. Without direction and drive, businesses falter. Managers play an important role in a business because they are the goal setters, the go to person, and the steady hand, that brings success!

Management is comprised of the people who lead, guide and shape an organization. A formal meaning of management is described as "the process of working with and through others to achieve organizational objectives in an efficient and ethical manner" (Kreitner-Kinicki, 2006).

Organizations often have different philosophical beliefs and vision, but a common trait all businesses possess is an established management framework, although these can vary in structure. Despite the varying factors of structure which may exist amongst organizations, the foundational role of management in a company bear a lot of similarities because they all have the need to be able to successfully meet their companies' objectives.

Effective managers possess a unique set of problem solving tools which they keep in a "managerial toolbox". These tools are a compilation of several skills and managerial techniques used to apply in situations to help make the best decisions and fulfill their leadership role.

For instance if a conflict occurs between...
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