Roles of Different People on Michael Oher in the Blind Side

Topics: Michael Oher, The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game, Sean Tuohy Pages: 4 (1381 words) Published: June 21, 2011
An Analysis of the Roles of Different People on Michael Oher in The Blind Side

The film The Blind Side was based off of the book written by Michael Lewis and was directed and written by John Lee Hancock. The movie premiered on November 20th, 2009. Warner Brothers Pictures produced the film for a general audience over the age of thirteen because of language, violence, drugs, and sexual references. This is a story of a young African American boy, Michael Oher, and his struggle through life to become a successful human being with the help of the people around him. The Tuohy family, teachers at Wingate, and his tutor, Miss Sue, all worked together to help make Michael the professional football player and writer he is today. The first influence on Michael to become successful was the Tuohy family, the first member of which is Leigh Anne. Overall, Leigh Anne Tuohy had the biggest influence on Michael as a whole. She played many roles in his life from the time they met to the present. Leigh Anne starts out being Michael’s friend and invites him to stay in her home because she realized he is homeless. She then moves to the role of his mentor where she guides Michael in the right direction to start doing well in school and work hard in football practices. Leigh Anne eventually moves into the role of Michael’s mother. She takes him under her wing and buys him clothing, provides him a room of his own, helps him get a driver’s license, a truck, and ultimately adopts him. At the first football game at Wingate, Leigh Anne stands up for Michael when a father from the other team bullies him. She says, “Hey..crotchmouth! Yeah, you! Zip it, or I’ll come up there and zip it for ya!” and “Yo, deliverance. You see number 74? Well, that’s my son” (The Blind Side). From this moment on, Michael became another member of the Tuohy family. Leigh Anne plays the role of his defender as well. She protects him against his football coach, teachers and neighborhood bullies. His coach is...
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