Roles of Cites Dbq

Topics: Silk Road, Culture, 18th century Pages: 3 (999 words) Published: January 3, 2013
Roles of Cities DBQ
The roles in the cities in the 11th to 18th century were affected by the political aspects of the cities, along with the trading that occurred in the cities and lastly the cultural traditions and ways that people acted and showed.

The political control and means of cities fully affected the behavior of them and their growth. In document 1 by Henry I, charter for London, he talks about how it is the citizens who make the choices for the cities and appoint the power of which England had. King Henry felt that the English people could elect whomever they wished as sheriff because he was allowing them to have their choice in government for the first time and letting them choose and elect who they thought would do the best job. Another example for the political examples in cities is in document 7, the Hansa reply from the English Privy Council. This document talks about how the Hansa is an alliance between towns and shows a way for the protection of people and merchants goods. This alliance ensured protection and good business against thieves and criminals. The Hansa did the not control the merchants since there was a lord controlling each town. The Hansa felt this way because they just had a trade alliance and did not involve themselves in governing the merchants, they did not believe that the English should have arrested its merchants and take away their goods and property. Another document that would be useful would be a graph that shows the population levels of the major cities to see if you could compare if different political system and rulers had something to do with the growth of the empire.

A second topic that was shown in these documents was the cultural interactions of trade throughout the cities. In document 3 by Marco Polo, it is a document about his travels in 1324. In this document he discusses that one of the cities he traveled to was a great area of trade. He said that many hotels were located in the cities that merchants...
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