Roles in Life

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The roles that a person plays in life have a lot to do with the type of job, family dynamics, and the environment in which a person lives.  Some typical roles are as follows. A student is expected to attend school.  He follows school rules and expectations.  He is expected to sit in an orderly fashion and respond to questions politely. A friend is expected to be loyal.  A friend should be kind and helpful to another person.  He should hold the person's secrets in his heart not sharing them with others.  He is expected to stand by his friend. A mother in our society is expected to be nurturing and show compassion towards her child/children. A nurse is expected to be patient but firm, provide respect and respond to a patient's needs. These are just a few roles.  I know that each day one person plays many different roles.  In a single day I am a mother, a grandmother, a wife, a friend, a colleague, a daughter, a sister, a housekeeper, a disciplinarian, a social worker, a teacher, an artist, a writer, an editor, a cook, a mechanic, a dog walker, etc.  For each role I undertake an new set of criteria is established.

We play a variety of Roles to suit to the many different situations we face every day. And we can change these Roles we play in a split second depending how fast we choose to adapt to the situation at hand. For example, you can be caring Father who tends to his crying daughter, the Clown to cheer her up and the Advisor to ensure the daughter avoids from making the same mistake again in the future. Similarly you can be Mother to your children, the Chef in the kitchen and the Disciplinarian who ensures the kids are in order This split-second transformation has always been something you've been doing all your life Playing Roles is like changing clothes to match the activity that you are about to do. You wear office clothes to get work done in the office, casual wear when you are at home, old clothes when you are doing gardening around the house,...
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