Roles and Responsibilties of Teaching in the Life Long Learning Sector

Topics: Psychology, Learning, Knowledge Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: October 10, 2012
The title of this assignment is to examine the roles and responsibilities of a teacher. The role and the responsibility of a teacher in the life long learning sector, in my opinion, is to share my past experiences deliver them to learners so that it will inspire them to learn. It has been said “A teacher’s prime task is to engage the student in the learning process. What the student does to learn is more important than what the teacher does to teach” (Minton, D 2005, P2). What I believe the author of this text meant is that you deliver your lesson in a uniformed way and then the learner will take the information and interpret it in a way to aid them in understanding. My view is that, when teaching a group of learners you need to make the lesson as factual as possible but at the same time make it an enjoyable experience. Some of my own experiences of learning come from lessons that I have enjoyed being apart of. When I was studying for my Diploma in Engineering at New College Durham. My lecturer inspired me as his knowledge of the subject area was great but the way he delivered it was fun and also enjoyable. The way he taught his subject was to make it more like having a talk about his experiences in his subject but then switching it to a the relevant area of the course that we were studying at the time. He would also invite the class to ask questions as part of class interaction, or use different teaching techniques such as group work. This is a style of learning that enhanced my knowledge and passion for the subject, but interestingly the rest of my group also seemed to have enjoyed this method as well. I understand that not all people learn the same way. This is where the skill’s and experience of the teacher take affect. I believe the role of the teacher is to deliver the lesson to the learners in a way so that they understand, be inspired and are enthusiastic about wanting to gain knowledge. The teacher should observe the different behaviours in the...
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