Roles and Responsibilities of Z Primary Teacher

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  • Published : April 29, 2008
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My understanding of the role and responsibilities of a primary teacher….

So far from my observation as a learner, I have begun to understand that there are many roles and responsibilities that come with being a primary teacher. The main responsibility of a teacher is the students in the classroom; the teacher must assure that they follow the criteria for every child matters and child protection. The teacher should monitor and track every child’s individual progress and also keep parents involved and informed of their child’s development. It is important to implicate the national curriculum into day to day teaching, most importantly delivery of literacy and mathematics are very significant in the child’s growth. I believe assessment and testing is a good way to track the child’s progress and distinguish what level the child is at and if they need and additional help and tuition. In addition to this and working with the students in class, the teacher could also recognise any learning difficulties the child may or may not have. Some children with special educational needs are not only those with obvious learning difficulties, such as those who are physically disabled, deaf or blind. They include those whose learning difficulties are less apparent, such as slow learners and emotionally vulnerable children. A child is defined as having special educational needs if he or she has a learning difficulty that needs special teaching, therefore the teacher should be working with a Special Educational Needs Coordinator. As a teacher, I believe I would bring to the role, a determination to follow through and gather all the information my students require. My strengths are, I am able to adapt lessons to many learning styles and ability levels, also I am a good worker under pressure and I could control and organise the large workload that would come with being a primary teacher. I am an excellent communicator and I am able to evaluate my own work, continuously improve and...
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