Roles and Responsibilities of a Tutor

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It is the role of a teacher to ensure that the learner achieves the qualification that they are working towards and gains relevant skills in a way that fits their learning needs, meets the requirements set by the awarding body, meets the demands of employees, and does so with time and financial efficiency. Within my role I recruit, select and train volunteers in a variety of subjects who then go on to support local families within their own homes. Some of our volunteers choose to get there learning accredited, it is my role to assess this work. Part of my job is to ensure that I carry this out in such a way that keeps my learners actively engaged and motivated. I am responsible for keeping relevant records, tracking their progress and giving appropriate feedback. It is important for me to follow professional values and practice ta all times, being a role model to the volunteers so that they will then represent our organisation’s values when they are out in the families’ homes.

The Teaching and Learning Cycle

For teaching and learning to be effective, all stages of the teaching and learning cycle must be given care and attention and the relevant roles and responsibilities assigned to each stage must be carried out, within necessary boundaries. The cycle has 5 stages – Identifying needs, planning learning, enabling learning, assessing learning and quality assurance and evaluation.

Identifying Needs
Our volunteers all fill out a confidential application form identifying any individual needs and any challenges to learning that they may face. As an organisation we will read these forms and then meet with each individual at a mutually convenient time to carry out an initial assessment. One of the boundaries that we are always sure to abide by is keeping all learner/volunteer information confidential unless permission has been given to disclose it. The information that we gain from the initial assessment will then inform us as to any adaptations that we may need to make to the way in which we deliver our curriculum, the way in which we lay the room out, and the materials that we use. This is done to ensure an inclusive environment, where all learners will be able to reach their full potential and to ensure that we are working to promote equal opportunities and diversity. Part of the information from the initial assessment will help me to determine what level of accreditation the learner is capable of aiming for and whether or not the course is appropriate for them. I have a responsibility to refer learners on to other people or agencies should they need extra support with their studies or if I feel that the course is not appropriate for them. The initial assessment is also plays a vital role in ensuring that the learner knows what is expected of them, it allows learning styles to be identified and can involve and engage the learners, allowing them to play a part in negotiating what level they think they should be studying at. We carry out a CRB check on all volunteers before they are able to start with us, as we are responsible for ensuring the safety of our families.

Planning Learning
Before we embark upon a new training course part of my role is to converse with the other teachers to arrange the practicalities of the course, such as the dates, times, and venues for each session. We discuss course content, and plan in detail how the outcomes, aims and objectives can be covered within an appropriate time frame using appropriate learning resources and activities. We will collectively produce a standardised scheme of work for the 10-week course and individual session plans for each week. As a tutor I am responsible for any updates that are needed to cater for changes in syllabus or qualification specifications. Individual learner needs identified in the initial assessment are taken on board in the planning stage and sessions are adjusted accordingly. Within this planning stage there are certain boundaries that...
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