Roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher/Tutor

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As a youth worker and youth volunteer manager, I am looking to teach youth work to Level 1 and 2 students on an introduction to youth work course and volunteer support.

In terms of teaching youth work it could be argued that I need to take on both of the following techniques to teach learners effectively. The role of a youth worker is to provide informal education based on an individual’s participation which is entirely voluntary and established on mutual trust, respect and understanding (Harte el al, 2000). The role of a teacher is to enter into a dialogue with a learner; in order for subject being taught to be broken down and understood by the learner and for it to compare with that of the teacher (

Teaching and training cycle

My role and responsibilities as a teacher would be to establish and review the preparation and delivery of the subject of youth work and ensuring it covers all the five areas of the teaching and training cycle. The role of the cycle is to create continuous professional development within teaching practice.

Figure 1: Teaching and Training Cycle

The first step would be to identify the need of the overall course, and its purpose. I would also need to assess the needs of the learners, through undertaking initial assessments to make sure that through the delivery of the course, the learners are walk away with the knowledge and understanding of the course subject. Getting to know your learners would also assist me in getting to know their motivation and skills set.

The next step of the cycle would be for me to plan and design the delivery of the youth work course, taking into consideration the needs identified through the first stage of the cycle. I would develop scheme of work and session plans, taking on board the key areas of youth work and developing resources and materials, to support delivery. One of the main responsibilities as a teacher...
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