Roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher

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Roles, Responsibilities and Boundaries of the Teacher
In this assignment I will use each area of the Teaching and Learning Cycle to look at the roles, responsibilities and boundaries of a teacher. The Teaching and Learning cycle is a process of careful initial and on-going planning, informed by an assessment of learning and evaluation.
Identifying needs and planning
It is good practice to do an initial diagnostic test on each learner including a literacy and/or numeracy test, some written work and a spoken test (one to one or as part of a group discussion). Each learner must complete a VARK questionnaire. VARK stands for V (Visual), A (Auditory), R (Read/Write) and K (Kinaesthetic) and are four different approaches to learning. From these tests I can determine what, if any, needs a particular learner may have and what type of learning style they use. This will ensure they receive the right teaching style and support to help them on their learning journey.

Designing involves planning and preparing delivery material for groups and individuals. This will be in the form a scheme of work which is a long term plan outlining all of the key aspects of the course and lesson plans which are a breakdown of each week of the course. I will take into consideration the results of the diagnostic tests and ensure each lesson has individual learners in mind.

My Role as a teacher is to provide a duty of care to all learners. An induction about the course and organisation including health and safety is essential. Setting ground rules at the start will ensure that we are all clear about what is expected. Conducting myself in a professional way at all times will reinforce the importance of teacher/learner boundaries and that they are in place to...
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