Roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher in the Life Long Learning Sector

Topics: Music, Teacher, Lifelong learning Pages: 3 (1115 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Case study
Role of a teacher in the lifelong learning sector This case study investigates the role and responsibilities of a teacher in the lifelong learning sector. I am a piano and guitar tutor on a one to one basis, so I have my own views and methods on teaching. However, I thought it would be interesting to study how a teacher deals with a whole class, as opposed to just one pupil. Further to the research for the study, an interview was conducted with Joe Bloggs, a teacher in School X. The interview examined a number of areas including: roles and responsibilities, boundaries, promoting equality and diversity, safe and supportive learning environments, promoting appropriate behaviour, legal and moral responsibilities, the challenges and rewards of the role and how Joe has had to adapt and respond to the ongoing changes in the lifelong learning sector. The first question covered what Joe considered to be his main responsibility as a teacher; to engage and motivate young people in the subject of music and learning in general. He uses a variety of methods to accomplish this. For example, practical sessions/role play and getting everyone involved, as well as written assessments, presentations and various visual tasks to ensure all different types of learners are accounted for. This is effective when teaching music history /theory, however, when a student is learning to play an instrument, all these areas are covered naturally. Joe allows his pupils to make mistakes, for example, if a pupil is playing a piece of music and they hit a wrong note, he will wait to see if they can identify that they were out of tune first. This is another way of working on their aural skills. If they do not pick up on it he ensures the mistakes are addressed and provides help and advice to rectify the problem.

Conjointly, we addressed the topic of promoting equality and diversity. Joe feels strongly about this and his approach is through film/music...
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