Roles and Responsibilities of Students and Lecturers, and Their Impact

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  • Published : April 19, 2012
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Assessment #1 – Short Essay

“Discuss the Roles and Responsibilities of students and leturers and explain how this may affect your study progress and success”

Unit – SSK10
Tertiary Learning Strategies

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Submitted on: Monday 12th March 2012

University provides teaching and learning experiences unique to any other method of learning. The roles and responsibilities of both students and lecturers are diverse and require a different approach than what most are accustomed to. In the university setting students are required to display the ability to work independently, see different perspectives, be creative and to analyse their research; not just repeat facts. Lecturers operate as facilitators to provide access to the information that students require, rather than just teaching the content.

Successful learning is active learning. This is one of the key ideas that students are led by upon commencing University level studies. Students are encouraged to research relevant information to their study topics, process this information, and develop their own critical thinking and analysing skills to display knowledge of subject content. This independent learning approach encourages students to be more effective learners. Students are provided with various study tools including: lectures, tutorials, workshops, and online study groups. These tools allow a student to develop a framework of the key course concepts, to receive indication of where further knowledge can be found, and to be shown multiple points of view on difficult or controversial topics. Students are expected to develop their own voice and use their opinions on subject content to present a position backed up by evidence. An important key to a students’ success is that they are active in their learning tasks and that they enjoy completing them. A student devoid of a love for their subject is destined to fail....
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