Roles and Responsibilities of School Governors, Senior Management Team, and Other Statutory Roles

Topics: Teacher, Education, Educational psychology Pages: 3 (772 words) Published: August 11, 2013
Worksheet 2

2.1 Describe roles and responsibilities of school governors, senior management team, and other statutory roles (e.g. SENCO), teachers, support staff

| Roles| Responsibilities |
School governors | The school governors must appoint a chair and a vice-chair and may wish to make a number of other specific appointments to lead on to certain aspects of the school. There are many different types of governors such as parent governors, staff governors, community governors, authority governors, foundation governors, partnership governors and sponsor governors which all play a part in making schools successful.| The school governor’s responsibilities are to set targets for pupil achievements, managing the school finances, reviewing staff performance and pay, appointing staff and making sure the curriculum is balanced and broadly based. | Senior management team| The senior management team work with the headmaster, which share the responsibilities for all aspects of school leadership and management.| The senior management are responsible for planning and directing the work of groups of individuals, monitoring their work and taking corrective action when necessary.| Teachers | Teacher’s role is to plan, prepare and deliver lessons to meet the needs of all pupils by setting and marking work and recording pupil development as necessary.| Teachers responsibilities are to help pupils improve education for their future, to identify emotional, intellectual, physical issues which may stop or reflect on pupils learning to their full potential, present a caring but professional approach to pupils, to show respect pupils and teach them to respect others. Also to prepare lessons and setting goals for the pupils to meet.| Support staff| There are a number of roles of support staff which are: * Learning support staff who work with teachers in the classroom, helping pupils progress with their learning. * Administrative staff provides essential back...
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