Roles and Functions Paper

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Roles and Function
HCS 325
May 14, 2012

Roles and Function

In this paper the subject will discuss the most important role or function for a health care manager, and the significant aspect related to health care management that he or she would gain by taking this class. In today’s society people are facing a very demanding, full of opportunities, and obstacles. “Manager in the health care field has many signifying roles and functions especially if it’s a specialty center. As the heath care continues to evolve, management is crucial to the survival of health care institutions” (Johnson, 2005). In health care world everyone needs to adopt and attentively to changes and challenges, he or she may find. In health care the roles and function may not affect the workers directly but can also affect the patient. It is a must to understand what the roles and functions will be while in a leadership position because if done accordingly or on the other hand, was not properly handled it will cost many lives. Managers in the health care field must ensure and understand well to improve daily operations and planning on ways to improve productivity and efficiency. In health care organization of health care managers consists of a variety of titles, such as supervisor, administrator, and more; but managers have common traits and goals. (Lombardi, Schermerhorn, 2007)

As a manager in the health care field, his or her role is very important. His or her responsibilities has to deal with concerns and task, such as quality of work life, accountability, and public scrutiny, customer expectation, customer demand, and participation to his or her employees. Because the health care manager’s duties and responsibilities varies in every organization. As a manager he or she must have the knowledge the in and out of the business and must be aware of his employees and stakeholders who impact its success. Stakeholders refer to suppliers, patients, institutions, and competitors were...
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